Pretty & Perfectly Packed: Makeup Bag Travel Tips

Traveling can be one of the most exciting life experiences any person may have. However, packing before the trip is what can cause anxiety, headaches and a ton of frustration.
More often than not, people over-pack their luggage with unnecessary things resulting in higher baggage fees & cumbersome luggage. Imagine yourself dragging an over-weight carry-on jam-packed with things you simply will not need through the airport during your travels. There is nothing more disastrous than getting to your destination and finding that you have all the items you don’t need but absolutely nothing you need.
When you are traveling there is no need to pack everything you own especially your beauty products. There are a few tips I want to give you to have a makeup bag that is perfectly packed.
When preparing to pack your beauty products there are a few questions you should ask yourself. They include:

1. What is the weather going to be like?
2. What activities/events will I take part in?
3. How long will I be there for?
Once you have answered these questions you will know exactly what looks you will want to create as well as how much of your beauty products to pack.
For example, if you are going on a weekend getaway in the Bahamas with your besties and have no upscale galas or parties to attend, I would recommend you pack:
  • a blemish balm/base (BB) cream with
  • a couple of fixings i.e. bronzer, lashes, lip gloss and a light powder.
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