Boys & Girls; Tom Ford Releases 100 New Lipsticks!

Good news Beauty Lovers! Tom Ford just released 100 new lipsticks in a brand-new collection titled Boys and Girls. 

The collection, which just dropped this morning and is a riff on a previous collection called Lips and Boys, is separated by colors on the tubing and the of range shades.


The announcement was made via the brand’s Instagram page about 2 days ago.

The collection, divided in 50 halfs of Boys and Girls features 50 Girls in white tubing and shimmery shade, and 50 Boys in dark brown tubes and mostly-matte shades.

50 Boys Set

50 Boys Set

50 Girls Set

50 Girls Set

With each piece going for $36, the collection offers a wide range of color, from the iridescent blue color (Lena) to a gorgeous matte dark brown shade (Ben)! 

Source: Kamdora

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