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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hadrotes Events and Food

At Hadrotes Events and Food, we offer End to End Event Management Services such as;

• Corporate Events
• Weddings
. Other Social Events
• Catering
. Small Chops
. Fruit Tree
. Cocktails & Mocktail Drinks Services
. Soup kitchen
. Rentals 
• Training and Empowerment Program
• Consultancy
. Printing 
. Wholesale Shopping
. Bulk Groceries shopping 

Premixed Cocktail / Mocktail drinks e.g Chapman, Blue Lagoon etc is available in 1.5Litres and above

Fruits bouquet
Fruits Hampers
Fruits Desserts
Fruits Display

Good, Healthy and quality Food is 100% guaranteed. 

- For our Small Chops we have about 40 varieties. 
You can place order and pick up or we deliver in 4 hours or less, could be more depending on the items ordered for. 
Different varieties of Freshly packed Spring rolls & Samosa always available. 
Distributors needed. 

CATERING: Our food ranges from Local to continental dishes with good presentation and package. 

Our Catering services is flexible:
. Full Catering services - we buy everything needed, cook and serve
. We charge per plate
. We charge per number of guests
. We charge per bag of Rice
. You can bring your ingredients and we cook

We make Rice per Cooler, even Half cooler (Jollof, Fried, Coconuts etc)
. You can order for LEAF Moin moin (25 wraps minimum)
. Trays of Cole's law 
. Tray of Vegetable Salad
. Different Varieties of proteins according to your budget. 

. Plates,  Cutleries, Chaffing dishes ( Regular and Roll top)
Cooking Utensils

Kitchen Rental: You like to do your cooking for Events/Parties  yourself,  Or you are a CATERER but DO NOT have space for cooking in your house, or your husband or Landlord will not allow such, we have space for that. At least 3-5 face gas burners and Coal pots each available, different sizes of Pot {40 litres ( will cook half bag of rice at once)} and below, Fridge, Freezer, Grinding machine, generator etc all available for your use. 

Our services are available in ALL PARTS OF NIGERIA UNITED KINGDOM, if you make Visa available or initiate the process we will be willing to render our services in your preferred location/country. 
For more info on things pertaining Events & Foods:

Call 08035613200, 08051112470 (what's app ) , 08097770841
Email: hadrotes@gmail.com
Website: www.hadrotes.com
Instagram: @mosunmola_Hadrotes
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hadroteseventsnfoods

We have fully operational office/Kitchen in Lagos & Port-Harcourt

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