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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Hate My Husband and I Would Like To Set Him Up

My husband is making me hate him and I would like to set him up.
My husband is 37 and I am 27. He married me as a virgin and in all my 25 years of being single, I never dated a married man.
I even had an extra year at the University because a lecturer of mine who was married with kids wanted to have sex with me, but I refused.
Before we got married in 2015, I told him to disconnect himself from ladies because I hate men who cheat. His response to me then was “my dear, you have everything I want in a woman’s body, why should I look out”.
In 2016, my husband started keeping late nights, drinks alcohol like water and carries his phone everywhere. I took his phone one day and told him that I wanted to call my mum, I got the shock of my life. My husband has so many side chicks. One of them even gave him a list of creams and perfumes for him to buy for her, while I use Vaseline.
He even gave one of them some money and has never given me money. If I ask he will tell me that there is no money. He was even apologizing to one of them in his chat, but if I say anything that offends him, he will shout at me like a mad dog. I showed him all the chats and told him I didn’t believe he would do something like this to me.
My husband said nothing, came back home late that night and gave me the beating of my life while I was 5 month pregnant then.
I have hated him ever since then and he has made me hate men and sex. Anytime he wants to have sex, he would tell me to lie down and then insert his dick in me without any romance. I shout at times because it’s so painful. He came home around 3.a.m on Friday oozing all over with alcohol. The next thing I knew; he was waking me up to have sex with me. I refused and he gave me 3 solids slaps. I was in tears from 3:15 to 6:30 am. He didn’t have pity on me even though he knew I was 2 months pregnant then.
I hate him, I don’t wish him well anymore. I even want something bad to happen to him because he hurts me without pity. Please I need four men in this group that will help me threaten him never to touch me again. I also need four men that will act as the ladies’ boyfriend by warning him to stay clear of babes. Imagine me as your little sister, passing through all of these. Please drop your number I will chat with you.

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