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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ladies: 4 Ways To Please Your Man In Bed

When you have s3x with your man will make him not wanting to take his eyes or hands off you and you will get him very excited. Below are ways to please your man in bed.

Being willing to change: “Changing positions during intercourse and doing it is something that any man loves, as well as you ask him what poses he wants to experience or what kind of things he wants to feel and that you please him in everything, he’ll surely love it”.

Being confident: “At the moment of having s3x with a man, you must leave aside any type of insecurity or defects that your body may have, be secure and happy with your body, let yourself to be touched, touch yourself, let him see you and you will realize that he will be very excited to be able to enjoy you completely”.

Returning to the subject of experimenting: “Although in bed you have a comfortable sexual relationship and it is a place that is common to do it, it is not just the only place, you can look for new places to experience different sensations, a chair, a balcony, not only will excite yourself but even more your man”.

Wear sexy underwear: “Let your man become a little bit crazy just thinking that he will be able to take off the underwear you are wearing, while touching your whole body and increasingly wanting to be inside you, be nice and make him see you cute, sexy and safe”.

Source: Greennews

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