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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Daddy Freeze reacts to Pope Francis act of Charity

For sometime, the subject of paying tithe has taken front seat and caused a stir on social networks. Recently, Pope Francis brought back some kind of sanity when he opted from taking a Lamborghini Car given to him by a company. Daddy Freeze who has been the voice behind the campaign against tithes has reacted on Pope Francis act of charity. The Pope donated a personalized Lamborghini gifted to him by the company to charity which prompted Daddy Freeze to take to his Instagram page to write;

“God bless the Pope, this is true Christianity. Unlike our daddy GOs, the Pope doesn’t collect tithe and gifts like these are donated to charity! ~FRZ


He continued;

“Give to the needy, stop tithing to the greedy!

While one Port Harcourt pastor got a private jet and Rolls Royce on his 55th birthday, our Pope was selling a Lamborghini gifted to him, to raise money for charity!

Let’s drive the money changing Pharisee hypocrites out of the house of worship!

If we remove tithes from the Church and cut down the offering, only pastors who genuinely love God will serve him and only true Christian doctrines will survive! ~FRZ


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