How to get your sex drive back after having a baby

Child birth can be said to be the best thing to happen to a woman, the only experience of a lifetime that every woman dreams of. It is also said to be the only phase of a woman’s life without a manual because all babies are different from birth.

The effect of childbirth on a woman cannot be ignored, which changes the woman’s body and skin color. Most women find it hard to get their sex life back on, due to the adverse effect of childbirth on them which includes changes in the body (saggy boobs, weight ,stretch marks, skin color, big tummy) postpartum depression (feeling your not doing well enough or that moment when you feel you just can’t continue ) etc.     

Getting your sex life back means loving the new you ,without loving those tender, longer boobs, stretch marks,weight,tummy of life that defines you as a mother you can’t get your sex life back. You need to flaunt the new you, and carry yourself  well. If you have  a problem with your weight then try loose some pounds to make you feel sexy.

Please Note; NEVER LOOSE WEIGHT FOR YOUR PARTNER ,drop some pounds because you want to, that way you will achieve the your goals

To have a fun-filled sex life, your partner has a huge role to play knowing that your body and mind has been renewed due to nine months of pregnancy and a new phase of motherhood

All you need from your partner is to be loved and cherished for this will help your sex life,
If you are not happy with your new body, please have sex with the lights off, get a new size-able nightwear to lift your boobs and package the  new you, dress sexy most times, bumper shorts, spaghetti tops, tank tops etc. This will help make you feel okay when your  boo is home. Use girdle if your tummy is a problem, sex with lights off helps you unleash the sex goddess in you without fear of your new body, It makes you bold and ready to go knowing that your partner can’t see your flaws.

In getting your sex back you need to get your pretty self back, go out, make your hair,manicure and pedicure,massage,shave your pubic hair or trim it, wax if possible, wear clothes that will suit your new found body and carry yourself in all sexiness

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