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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Meet Aderonke Oluseye, CEO of Food Delight Naturales

Aderonke Oluseye is the CEO at Food Delight Naturales, one of Nigeria’s foremost natural spices companies.  She is a graduate of Industrial Mathematics from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. The visionary of Ronnie’s World, a gift and souvenir company. Aderonke is a creative and a humanitarian.

After losing a very dear relative to the cold hands of death, who was diagnosed of Cancer, due to the accumulation of substances caused by eating of unhealthy junk food, she decided to change the course of her life by eating and living healthy. This personal life changing decision is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

After several months of working with various herbs, plants and organic spices for personal use, she thought it would be beneficial to make these natural spices public. She has birthed several products and the VIP HEALTH LOUNGE within the last two years. For over two years, she has ditched using stock cubes, refined sugar and other artificial sweeteners and flavours. She is a firm and die-hard believer of nature and its awesomeness.

Most of the ailments we humans encounter are as a result of the junks and chemicals we feed our body. Research has proven that terminal diseases can be reversed through healthy eating especially natural foods. People have survived cancer, kidney failure e.t.c by taking on a strict natural diet free from refined sugar, MSG(mono sodium gluthamate) seasonings, artificial flavours and food enhancers.

There is a general misconception that food cannot be delicious and tasty without the use of stock cubes. People generally think that meals have to be bland taste-wise if stock cubes or food enhancers are not used in cooking. These misconceptions are not true and these are the misconceptions that we are out to correct at Food Delight Naturales and we have proven that these misconceptions are not true over the last two years. The stock cubes that most people use in cooking their meals are laddened with artificial sweeteners, food enhancers and mono sodium gluthamate which are injurious to the human body although the negative effect is usually gradual and may not immediately noticeable. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily translate to having boring or bland meals and this is where our cooking spices come in handy.

·         MIXED SPICES: this spice is a natural replacement for the regular stock cubes.

·         FOOD FLAVOUR: Adds scintillating aroma/flavour to your meals. It is best used with the mixed spices. It can also be used for making healthy snacks eg, doughnuts, cakes, puff puff etc.

·         MEAT TENDERIZER: natural meat seasoning spice. It can also be used to tenderize tough beef, cow leg. Anything meat or fish, this spice works perfectly.

·         TUMEC POWDER: This spice is wonderful for cooking jollof rice and fried rice. It replaces the regular curry. Little is more with Tumec powder. Little usage gives so much effect.

·         NATURAL THYME: This is a perfect complimentary spice with our tumec powder. It is made from plant herbs carefully created to give your meals that natural, great but not overwhelming taste.

·         PEPPER SOUP SPICE: A perfect blend of natural herbs and spices to give you that homely made pepper soup without going to the restaurant

·         MIXED CHILLI: When you think “hot” or “spicy”, this is what you need. It can also be sprinkled on food after cooking.

·         Menorrati: gives natural relief to ladies suffering from intense or mild menstrual cramps and fibroid cramps
·         Detox tea: for general body detoxification. It also helps to get rid of bloating (excess gas in the body)
·         Cholesterol tea: this helps to reduce high cholesterol in the body

·         All our products are made fresh and made from blends of herbs, plants and spices.
·         They are gluten free.
·         They are keto compliant.
·         They do not contain mono sodium gluthamate(MSG).
·         They do not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
·         They do not contain food enhancers.
·         They do not contain anti caking agents.
Apart from these natural cooking spices and health products, she profers natural remedies for general health challenges like fibroids, arthritis, partial stroke and other general health problems. She also runs a VIP HEALTH LOUNGE for interested individuals where she gives indepth knowledge on how to combat health challenges with nature.

Life can be much more fun if only we embrace nature in its entirety. All health issues came from not paying attention to what we feed our body.
As a people, we are constantly fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food. We need to take responsibility for what goes into our bodies. Eating healthy and living healthy eventually becomes a habit. You just have to be strong to take the first step.

Call/Whatsapp +2348181044725
Instagram: @fdnaturales

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