Brain-damaged baby Isaiah Haastrup dies after doctors withdraw life support

 Lanre Haastrup posted this photo of himself and Isaiah's mother Takesha Thomas with their 12-month-old son on Facebook last night
This is happening within 24 hours of a failed appeal to judges at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). 
His parents, Lanre Haastrup and Takesha Thomas confirmed the decision but regrets not getting enough time to say goodbye.
The baby who is only 12 months old was receiving treatment at the King's College Hospital in London before an order to end life support was given.
Specialists reportedly advised this as the best decision for the infant.
Isaiah's father Lanre Haastrup posted this image of his son on Facebook light night describing him as breathing independently of any assistance
“Surely, this is not sufficient to say our goodbyes to our son; we would require a reasonable period to spend with Isaiah,” a statement issued by the baby's parents reads.
Reports explained that the child suffered a brain damage following a deprivation of oxygen at birth.
The London High Court has however gave assurances that its death will be quick soon as life support is removed.
This failed to pacify its father, Lanre who considered the order as a breach of the National Health Service (NHS) provision to have its parents “entitled to a sit-down meeting with their doctors to discuss options, choose a time and place, and agree on as many details as possible, including support for their grieving and memory making.”
Isaiah Haastrup's father Lanre Haastrup and mother Takesha Thomas
Their worst fear has been confirmed following the court order.
NHS Foundation Trust mentioned that a lot of considerations were observed before the decision.
The child's lawyer-father, Lanre Haastrup had earlier accused the King's College hospital of “rushing to kill” his brain-damaged son by switching off life-support before he has had the chance to appeal in court.
The grieving father says his son, Isaiah deserved the right to appeal the ruling of the high court that says it was in the boy’s best interests for treatment to be withdrawn.
Why are you in a rush to kill him? Wait. Once you kill him, that’s the end. You can’t bring him back,” he said.
The court's decision as delivered by Justice MacDonald said Isaiah was in a low level of consciousness, cannot move or breathe independently and is connected to a ventilator.

Source: Pulseng

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