Paddy Adenuga explains what makes guys to become Yoruba Demons

Paddy Adenuga speaks on the effect of heartbreaks on men. 

Paddy Adenuga has taken to twitter to explain how Yoruba demons are materialized. The son of a billionaire also used the opportunity to point out that he’s half-yoruba. He explained that yoruba demons arise as a result of 2 heartbreaks from ladies. Read his tweet below.
”the great debate amongst Nigerian millennials are yoruba demons made or are they born? as a half yoruba guy.. i think they are made. it takes 2 heartbreaks and alas the demon arises! also are “igbo clansman” and “hausa ninja” comparable titles? #jekasoro#mattersarising”

The term Yoruba Demon came to light after an Igbo girl took to social media to lambaste her boyfriend who jilted her amidst promise of marriage. In her twitter rant, she blasted the guy who is of the Yoruba tribe of southwest Nigeria and labelled him a Yoruba Demon. Since then, guys who love to juggle more than one girl have been referred to using that term. Such guys are usually the type that promise to marry a lady to the point of making marriage arrangements only for the lady to realize that he has a wife at home and her best friend is currently pregnant for him.
There is a movie currently in the making and with the title Yoruba Demon. It features Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah, Falz the Bahd Guy, AY Comedian and Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD).
RMD recently posted a picture showing him looking awesome in suit. His awesome look in the picture coupled with his grey beards made one of his fans to quickly labelled him a ‘Demons Gang Leader’.
The title was sharply rejected by Mofe Damijo who saw it as something that has to do with demons without knowing the fan was just joking around about the movie.
He wrote:
“I have nothing with demons so if you’re looking for your leader, he’s not here, so keep it moving"

Source: Kemifilani

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