Timi Dakolo Advices BBNaija Former Housemates

Soul singer Timi Dakolo has given out success tips to housemates from the just concluded BBNaija show. The father of 3 says amidst the current celebrity status they now enjoy, getting back to work to stay relevant is key.
Read below:
Dear Big Brother Naija contestant, after all the greetings and the picture taking, have a plan and get to work. In order to stay relevant. Remember Nigerians are experts in moving on.
This comes after comedian Funny bone shared on Instagram how one of the ex Big Brother Naija contestants who was reached out to to come feature in a new movie claimed she needs to meet the fans first as they are more important for now:
Funny bone wrote;
Dear Big Brother Naija housemates, I bring you good tidings, I also want to specially thank you all for keeping us glued to our tv sets for over 3months. Nigerians and Africans at large sure havent been this entertained before, you guys rock mehn .
Now to the truth which nobody will ever tell you guys, BITTER TRUTH.
Nigerians are like a moving train. they pause to observe and admire, afterwards they keep moving without looking back. the same FANS who waited hours for y’all to arrive Lagos, danced and even fought to defend their favourite housemates will be the first to curse you guys out soon. We just forget too easily here in Nigeria. The same guys who CHEER are the same that will BOO.
MY candid advice is please housemates, grab what you can grab now, hustle what u can hustle now. I heard a certain evicted housemate was called for a movie role and she said she was busy with meeting and greeting fans. I laughed oo. You will have enough time to greet fans in the course of your career but please grab what you can grab now. Tomorrow, this opening might not be there and the fans would have moved on to the new season housemates or something else.
I dont mean to disrespect FANS. but I am clearly stating the obvious. These fans will move on before you know, so dont be carried away by the instagram comments and likes. These comments dont pay bills. Soon they will begin to say ‘haa see that housemate oo.. wetin him dey do now sef ‘
Grab what u can grab now. Our fanship for naija get expiry date o. See finish na our nickname, you can ask former housemates how they introduce themselves now at events.
So the moral of this write up is…. As e dey hot please grab what you can grab.

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