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The Maybach Music Group has become one of the most popular record labels in hip-hop with a roster loaded with talented artists.
Rick Ross is one of the genre’s best and the star of the label, which includes rappers Wale, Meek Mill along with the new additions of rapper Stalley and singerOmarion. Collectively, the core unit continues their hot streak with the label’s second compilation, ‘Self Made Vol. 2.
As usual, the burly and bearded Ross shines when he makes an appearance on the 14-track album. But there’s not a large gap between Ross and the rest of his label mates – everyone is on top of their game.
Wale offers his clever wordplay with quick punch lines; Meek Mill continues to show his lyrical growth; Stalley and Omarion prove they fit in well as MMG crew members. The album also features hip-hop’s top acts such as T.I., Nas, Wiz Khalifa and T-Pain.
Self-Made 2’ is loaded with hard-thumping, well-crafted beats backed by bravado-filled rhyming and singing.
Some of the album’s most enjoyable songs are ‘This Thing of Ours’, featuring Wale, Omarion, Ross and Nas; ‘M.I.A’ with Wale and Omarion; ‘Fountain Of Youth’ with Ross, Stalley and Nipsey Hussle; and ‘Fluorescent ink’ with Stalley, Wale and Ross.

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