Mikel Obi VS Psquare

I was with a group of friends on Christmas day somewhere on the Mainland, it was more like a holiday get-together.  We drank a bottle of wine, discussed about life, entertainment and sports.
During our discussions, one of us brought up a topic on Musical acts P'Square being richer than International footballer  Mikel Obi, as a certain website confirmed to him.

There was something like a minute of silence as some of us were not expecting that to be true,
so we went into deep thinking to analyse that. This sprang up a huge argument amongst us, having everyone to contribute, and even took us to Google searches which showed the annual net income of the footballer and that of the duo being higher.

These are hardworking guys who have truly proven that talents can take one to where he/she would never have imagined.
It's time to get your individual opinions on this:

1. P'Square and Mikel Obi, who do you think is richer and why do you think so?

2. If you had both talents, which would you go for as a career; music or sports?

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