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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Accessories: Man Bag Style With Charles Monroe!

Man bags have become an invaluable accessory in recent times. Flashback to the time when Dwane Wade Johnson rocked a man-dog bag by Thom Browne and caused quite a bit of stir in the fashion world. 

Quite positive though!


Quite fashion forward yeah? Designers are making sure there is something for the men even in the corporate world. 

There has always been that “black laptop bag” we know but this status is changing.


We love made-in-nigeria brands that have stood up to the challenge to produce handmade quality bags. Charles Monroe bags give you that minimalistic approach and a sophisticated way to make your “work essential” accessory easy to carry.



Women who find the androgynous style especially with accessory can find these quality bags a must-have! Pair up with a smart casual look or corporate style and you are good to go in the CM bags!


Source: Kamdora

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