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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Emotion And Our Personality

What we are emotionally is who we really are! We are so much of an emotional creature that our emotions influence and determine our performance in every area of our life for good or for bad.

The only way out of being victim of bad emotional decision is getting in touch with your true self, understanding your personality.

Whatever our personality type is we all experience emotions, all emotions stem from two basic root, fear and anger. Fear and anger  work relentlessly towards our destruction, limiting our potential. 

Our personality is healthy to the degree of our believe in who we are. Who we are is directly connected to our self esteem, our esteem is largely determined by how bold or fearful we are in expressing our real self. 

Fear is the major and the root cause of low self esteem. A true insight into your God given abilities will boast your confidence and tame your fears.

Invest in yourself today, take wise up personality test in order to understand and accept yourself unconditionally. 

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Take our test today on www.personalityservice.com/portal/PWJS 

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Have a great week ahead!

Written By Modupe Eka

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