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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Face Behind Usher’s Lawsuit Finally Revealed

American singer, Usher Raymond has been in the news for a while now following his herpes allegations. This case has produced so many witnesses, coming forth with different testimonies and accusations, however, the singer has remained unshaken through it all.
Just recently, according to TMZ, a Georgia-based Jazz singer, identified as Laura Helm, came forward as the face behind the massive lawsuit, and she also revealed new details of their alleged sexual encounter.
According to Helm, as reported by TMZ in her documents, she claims that she and the singer had sexual encounter twice and that during those times, Usher behaved oddly during those two encounters. It was also disclosed that Helm was very graphic in her description, explaining how she never saw the singer ‘finish’ up during sex, that he hastened to the bathroom.
Helm also claimed that on the second occasion, she said he did not wear a condom and says a few days after the encounter she noticed an unusual bump on the inside of her cheek, adding that later on, she noticed a similar bump, the size of a green pea on her vagina. Helm buttressing her point further gave a vivid description that during the second encounter, Usher set the mood by putting on jazz music while performing oral sex on her. Helm also claim that they were platonic friends and he wooed her by telling her about his humanitarian efforts in Africa.
The New Orleans singer further went ahead to make references to reports that Usher paid $1.1 million to a previous sex partner but offered no proof to the claims. She is still holding on to her $20 million lawsuit against the singer for allegedly infecting her with private part herpes.

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