Actress Dayo Amusa, has a word for her non-fans body shaming her

Actress Dayo Amusa shared new photos of herself on her IG page on Thursday and some of her non-fans called her fat and asked her to hit the gym immediately. Dayo saw the comments and shared these words of advice to those shaming her body. 

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Did I hear someone body shame me? OH! That hurts you know ? but the let’s try this.
You are so less busy hating on another based on your own bitterness because only a self-hated, bittered, frustrated and depressed person will find pleasure in badmouthing a fellow all in the name of giving #ADVICE I guess what you are dealing with personally is SELF HATRED.
Start to learn how to love your imperfect life perfectly (Coz I am 100% sure you have an imperfect hole in your life. Even Jesus / Mohammed SWT had theirs )
Know that we are all beautiful and unique in our own different ways (Challenge me by showing me 100% identical twins and I will shed to size 6 ?) and finally I want you to Understand that I have risen as a woman #WomenArise long time ago and I’ve grown to trend confidently in respect of my imperfections. AM OUT #thetaobrand#millionshadesoftao #mylifenotyours#womenarise WAIT FOR MY NEXT POST

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