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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Parents with TEN children spend £1K-a-month on food and they STILL want another baby

Parents everywhere know the struggle of getting their children ready for school. 

So spare a thought for Clive and Louise Andrews, from Lincolnshire, who face a daily battle to get their 10 children out the door in the morning.
The couple, who have three girls and seven boys aged between five months and 17, need so much space that they live in two connected three-bedroom homes in Lincolnshire - and have so many clothes they use an entire bedroom as a wardrobe. 

Part-time cleaner Louise, 34, and stay-at-home dad Clive, 50, opened up about what it takes to keep their busy household running in last night's episode of Big Family Values: More Kids than Cash.

They have to forgo family holidays in order to afford their £1,000-a-month food bill and need two cars to go on any day out. But despite the financial demands - and the accompanying stress - the couple insist they still want to try for baby number 11.

It's not clear whether the family claim state benefits, but Clive and Louise would be eligible to claim Child Tax Credit for at least nine out of their 10 children, as they are 16 or younger.

Walk-in wardrobe: Louise and Clive have sacrificed one of their six bedrooms and transformed it into a walk-in wardrobe, pictured, with each of their 10 children's clothes on a separate rack

Stocking up: Just some of the bags that are dropped off by a delivery driver at the Lincolnshire home. The family spend £1,000-a-month on food, more than twice the national average

Living large: The Andrews family need so much space they live in two conjoined three-bedroom homes in Lincolnshire, pictured. They also need two cars for any family day out

Weekly shop: Mother Louise shows the camera just part of her weekly shop, which includes 12 loaves of bread (some pictured), 15 pints of milk, 10kgs of potatoes and 15 boxes of cereal

The Andrews are one of three families featured on the first episode of the Channel 5 series, which offers insight into the lives of parents bringing up large broods.

Clive, who ran his own flooring business until quitting work three months ago, said he was delighted with his super-sized family. 

'Having 10 children is an absolute blessing,' he said. 'It's 24/7 around the clock but I enjoy it.' 
While the average British family spends roughly £400 a month on food, the Andrews splash out more than twice as much.

Their weekly shop includes 15 boxes of cereal, 10kg potatoes, 15 pints of milk and up to 12 loaves of bread to make enough sandwiches for the school lunchboxes. 
Clive said: 'We don't go out and spend thousands of pounds on holidays. 
'Instead of spending thousands of pounds on holidays and living it up in the sun we live it up at the supermarket and make sure the kids are fed.'  

Culled from dailymail

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