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It seems that you have found a perfect girl. You got the courage, met her, and asked her out. You’ve started a relationship, and everything would seem fine, but you notice the signs of an emotionally unavailable woman because sometimes, she is just as emotional as biscuit or nettle. Sometimes, you want a little more sensuality, feedback, support, but it seems that even an inflatable doll can show more emotions than your girlfriend. You try to figure out the reasons for such a behavior, but your conversations are totally ineffective.
•    She has difficulty expressing her feelings.
One of the possible options is that her insensitivity was formed many years ago, so it’s not about your relationship. Often, parents suppress too active and fun children, forming a well-balanced model of their behavior. If the reason lies in that, then you should decide whether you want to continue this relationship or to break up. You can be not ready to be engaged in dating an emotionally unavailable woman.
•    She doesn’t want to know everything about you.
You constantly try to find out more about her interests, preferences, worldviews, but she gives only monosyllabic answers, and she isn’t going to ask about your life. It is annoying, and it resembles a one-way street. You don’t understand why should you be interested in a person's life if they do not show any interest in your own one? The possible reason lies in the fact that she wants to know about you as much as she can understand from a usual talk. You might have certain skeletons in the closet that she is well aware of from other people, but she doesn’t want to run into them. If you have a sterling reputation, then most likely, your girlfriend is just an egoist.
•    She is afraid of being vulnerable.
Emotional detachment is one of the emotionally unavailable woman traits that can be caused by fear.
Unpleasant experience, the fear that she will fall in love with someone, or, will be cheated after showing her true feelings, makes her hold back and not be open to you at 100. On the one hand, such a girl can be understood because there are different people and having opened the soul to the wrong person, you can greatly regret it. How to date an emotionally unavailable woman? In this case, don't react quickly and give her a little time. Most likely, she will feel that you can be trusted and will show her true nature.
•    She takes a defensive position.
This behavior is a result of the fact that the girl was once very offended in past relationships. Her aggression and detachment in moments of intimacy can be the result of a previous injury, so be prepared for this scenario, even if you are communicating on an online dating site. Are you ready to deal with these consequences? Besides, just keep in mind that if your efforts remain ineffectual for a long time, then it is unlikely that something will change in the future.
•    She is a manipulator and a narcissist.
Such a woman is so passionate about her life that she is ready to manipulate other people to make everything be according to her plan. At first, she can be even responsive and cheerful, but only if she gets what she wants. If she feels resistance, she turns into a stranger with a bad temper.
•    She wants sex, but she doesn’t want a relationship.

You have great sex, but she wants to leave under any pretext each time after it. You feel ridiculous because it’s your usual manner of behavior, and you have never met such a girl. Usually, she doesn’t write or call you first because, most likely, she is simply not interested in the relationship. Do not make great plans for life with such a woman because she might not want to share the future with you. Just enjoy a good pastime.

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