Photos: Cripple Nigerian Groom Rides With His Bride Down The Aisle On His Wheel Chair

A physically challenged NKST Iortyer choirmaster, Terkuma, rode with his bride, Mngohol, down the aisle, on their wedding day, yesterday, in Makurdi, Benue State.
According to reports, Terkuma, can only move around with the aide of the bike, so he decided to ride with Mngohol to the altar on their wedding day.
see some reactions below;
Christ Chibueze Really,and the church let them in,is bride paralyzed? Don’t turn that church into a show room because one day another person go carry 911 to that church. I guess the country is Ghana
Christ Chibueze Where this spies rats come from,pls this page is Nigerians not Ghanaian’s OK even you English understandia
Ahile Joy No you don’t get it. The guy is crippled beside he was too excited and decided to do that for a show of love for his bride. This actually happen here in Nigeria and Benue to be precise.

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