Wizkid’s baby mama crushing on Davido

Arguably, two Nigerian best singers, Wizkid and Davido have quenched the fire of rivalry between them and they have become fast friends of sort. That is, if one would take to heart the public show of affection the duo demonstrated at Davido’s last year N30 billion concert.

Davido and Wizkid But would they remain very much of friends if one gets to know his baby mama, ex love or not, is crushing on the other? This is based on the premise that no man takes kindly to another man invading his carnal sanctuary. But what if it is the woman asking for it? As Sola Ogudu, Wizkid’s first baby mama did on Twitter days ago.

She had tweeted, “Might seem weird. But Davido’s positive vibes and energy makes me soooo super happy! Lool love him.” Most people who reacted to the tweet quickly asked why it’s weird. She never responded though, but the question keeps ringing and ringing and it is doubtful if Wizkid would make a toast to that. She said “Davido’s positive vibes”, what exactly she meant by that has also been left hanging and begging for explanation.

It is however public knowledge that things between Wizkid and his baby mama, Sola Ogudu, have not been kosher as evident in her last month’s tweet, describing the Pakurumo’s crooner as an irresponsible father who has abdicated his fatherly role to his son.

 Could this recent tweet of open confession of love for Wizkid’s number one rival be another of Sola’s attempt at landing a big one on the Starboy as her last outcry didn’t seem to have hit the right spot she wanted?

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