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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Nia Long believes that labelling black-led films as "black movies" is harmful—"terms like that hold us back."

Nia Long
's filmography includes classics in genres such as comedy and drama, which are generally classed as "Black movies." Regrettably, she isn't feeling it.

The 52-year-old actress recently shared why she believes isolating Black-led films from other categories in Hollywood is counterproductive.

Why Nia Long Wants Inclusivity In Film Categories

Buzzfeed chatted with Long about her process for choosing roles since she first appeared on big screens as Brandi in Boyz N The Hood. The question regarding how Black movies are labeled was then asked the Best Man: The Final Chapters actress.

I feel like sometimes the roles choose me if that makes sense. Whenever I’ve really wanted something, it never happens. So, I sort of just know that I’m not in charge of that. I have this thing in me that says, “I’m being used to tell stories, to inspire our people, and to serve as a voice, so I’m going to just trust this process.” If I read a script and I love it, and I say, “I’ve got to do that,” then I’m going to do it.
 Staying on topic, the source chatted with the actress about people identifying certain celebrities as "Black famous" and streaming platforms naming their films as "Black movies." Nia stated that she believes the terms are demeaning to the films, despite the fact that they appear to be good.

“I think terms like that hold us back,” Nia told BuzzFeed. “And I have to catch myself sometimes too, because I’m very proud of who I am.”


The actress added that she is proud of being Black, and she proud to represent despite there being a separation in categories.

When I use the word Black, I don’t use it as a way to separate ourselves from anyone — I use it as a way to put an exclamation point behind our greatness, because I don’t think that it’s always been celebrated and recognized. But I’m also a lover of mankind and human beings and accepting of all people that are good, so multiculturalism is equally as important to me. But I’m here to represent who we are and if you want to come along for the ride, everyone’s welcome!


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