The Untold Success Story Of A Nigerian Tailor Who Left His Banking Job

As you know, I am a strong believer of “KNOW THYSELF” and “PURSUE YOUR DREAMS UNAPOLOGETICALLY”. Therefore, walk with me as I narrate the untold success story of a Nigerian Tailor, Ademosu Omobolaji Abolore, who is serving Nigerian Fashion on the Global Stage.

In 2012, Omobolaji Ademosu, known as B.J., left his job in a bank to set up his own line of men's clothing, Pro7ven. In two tiny workshops in Ojodu, on the outskirts of Lagos, his dozen employees cut, sew and iron a series of orders to the sound of a diesel generator. B.J. calls his style "African contemporary". His work includes magnificent made-to-measure agbadas with embroidered collars, high-end and well tailored suits and blazers.

Despite all odds, B.J has continued to re-write the stories of African Fashion by producing high quality made-in-Nigeria clothing. Although B.J. hardly post anything on social media, his fantastic and captivating works have continued to advertise themselves. As such, he has been featured globally in fashion news: Aljazera, Yahoo News, Punchng,, Getty Images, Arabnews, OkayAfrica, ModernGhana, GhanaStar and so on. Just Google his name and you will be surprised.
I’m proud to tell you that I personally know B.J and that he is in fact my brother from Ibadan. He moved to Lagos to pursue his dreams alongside his wife (who is in fact from my hood Mokola) many years ago.

Now, Lagos has become his success story and the world has become his stage.

Here are a few take-home from BJ’s success story:

1. Innovation is about so much more than technology and IT wizardry. Innovation is about ideas that ordinary people come up with to improve our daily lives as people. Innovation is being able to identify a niche with potential and tapping into that niche. Those ideas may involve technology to some degree—after all, the implementation and use of technology is a critical success factor in moving a business forward—but being innovative doesn’t necessarily have to be about technology alone.

2. Finding yourself and who you are in the key to success. This young man left his banking job that everyone else want to focus on tailoring. If I was his mom, I could have begged him to not quit or start praying that the demons leave my son alone. He moved fully into fashion because he identified who he is and was brave enough to pursue his goals fully.

3. Trust Your Struggle: There is nothing wrong with starting small and nothing good comes easy. Your crazy work ethic, your innovative brand, and the crazy way your mind works will make a way for you before kings if you don’t quit. Push with all you have and when the coast is down, remember why you started in the first place.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people. I must tell you here that B.J. is one of the few people who ensured that I stay focused and keep this drive alive. He is my big brother and he never cease to put me straight when I need it and also listen to me as a source of wisdom.

5. “In the next 35 years, there are 2 billion kids to be born on the continent of Africa”. Do you foresee human capital? Do you foresee huge potential market and billions of dollars in trade? Do you foresee overpopulation, air and water population? Whatever you see will determine what you will get out of what is coming to the world and to Africa.

6. Be the best at what you do and nothing less than the best. Whatever you venture into, give it your all and build yourself up in it. Keep building even in the face of competition and adversaries. Soon, the world will recognize your input and it will all be a different story.

7. We Africans (especially Young Africans (you are young if you are still not 65 years old / retired)) must create a new perception for the continent. We must strive to brand our culture and our styles with the highest level of quality available. Then, show-case that quality brand to the world ourselves. We must tell our stories else someone else will tell it and when they do it will be told wrongly or incompletely.

Now that we are done walking through BJ’s success story, let’s go hard, let’s go for gold, let’s go with God and let’s not go back to business the same way. Let’s go with that fire! Let’s go with strategy! Let’s go and take over!!! ​

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Written by Adey Orla

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